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InnovFest Suzhou

NUSRI International Technology & Enterprise Roadshow 2016
Second Jiangsu Roadshow to showcase Singapore
Ready-for-Market Technology and to Promote
licensing and Product/Technology collaborations
between Singapore and China Companies

• Date: 7-8 June 2016

• Venue: NUSRI @ Dushu Lake, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China

• Organizer: NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute

• Tech Collaborator: Isis Innovation (the tech commercialization organization of University of Oxford)

• Supporting Org: Suzhou City Tech Bureau, SIP Tech Bureau, Jiangsu International Tech Transfer Center, Jiangsu Industrial Tech Research Institute, Flex, Bosch China, IE Singapore, IDA, Suzhou Singapore Club, CSSD

• Project Umbrella: A project of the Singapore-China (Suzhou) Innovation Center of SIP

• Niche Markets Asia led a Singapore team from Y G C Group (S) Pte Ltd to introduce new food products to bring the benefits of eucheuma beverages to consumers.

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