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Topics Under Discussion


Session 1 5G and Satellite Spectrum and Standards

Slide deck 1.1
The automotive industry as a parallel for 5G innovation, police and public safety radio evolution, RF component  and user device development, demographic versus geographic coverage, repeaters and relays, 5G and the satellite industry, dynamic range and beam forming, metre band, centimetre band and millimetre band spectrum, ITU WARC2019, 5GPPP E band, LTE band complexity and performance implications, FDD versus TDD and or in band full duplex, RF and baseband partitioning, switch path components, acoustic filters, power and noise matching, channel aggregation, other sources of performance gain and performance loss in user and IOT devices.

Slide deck 1.2
5G waveforms and sub 6 GHz 5G including LTE/5G in existing LTE spectrum, the sub 6 GHz technology mix, impact on EVM (error vector magnitude), coexistence issues with S band, C band and X band radar, path loss and propagation modelling, ITU rain models, resonant absorption, 5G cell density, data reach and cost, US initial focus on fixed access.

Slide deck 1.3
5G and satellite coexistence including Ka band, the relevance of mixed constellations to 5G, 5G and satellite modulation (QAM versus APSK), 5G at 71-76 GHz, other centimetre band and millimetre band users, point to point backhaul, example RF hardware, associated component and test innovation.


Session 2 5G Standards

Slide deck 2
5GPPP technical requirements, the OSI stack, IMT2020, Release 15 sub 6 GHz, Release 16 > 6 GHz, frame structures, timing and synchronisation, sub carrier spacing, higher order modulation and coding, standards requirements for enhanced mobile, low mobility large cell, massive machine type communications and ultra-reliable low latency, spectral and power/energy efficiency, IOT and MTC, US standards , beam acquisition and beam handover and adaptive tracking, patent value as the prize, automotive radar spectrum and processing overlaps, money and maths.

Session 3 5G and Satellite and RF Supply Chain Dynamics 

Slide deck 3
The supply chain and scale comparisons, debt and cash and their impact on 5G evolution, 5G and satellite innovation and shared interests, 8000 new LEOS versus 8 million LTE base stations -  scale economics, dual band hybrid terrestrial/satellite networks, other significant 5G stakeholders including automotive, vertical market link budget requirements and associated cost including cost targets for IOT. 

Session 4 5G Regulation and Competition Policy 

Slide Deck 4
US 600 MHz incentive auction, sub 1 GHz 5G as an option, US coexistence litigation and related impact on rest of the world 5G deployment, vertical market regulation and scale constraints, 5G, satellite and Wi-Fi including New UWB, licensed versus lightly licensed versus unlicensed and the relationship between auction policy and competition policy, developing economy markets and 5G, other options (DAB and DRM, sub space, backhaul and front haul for 5G and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, 5G versus Wi-Fi cell density, summary and sources of information.


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